KNXDroid controls KNX/EIB systems from Android devices


Thanks to application KNXDroid users of KNX/EIB based home automation system can control them via Android smartphones, tablets or webpads. The application allows to monitor devices statuses in the system or send desire control command to them. Communication between KNXDroid and KNX/EIB system is done via WiFi or 3G. Sure, you should have KNXNet/IP gateway for that.

KNXDroid has a clear and intuitive user interface which will help you manage your system easier and more efficient. And its price is just $9.99!

[via AutomatedHome]

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    1. Mike, 30. November 2010, 0:15

      great app! works perfectly on my sweet and shiny desire-z. lying on the couch and dimming out is a great way to do things.

  • nite_man, 30. December 2010, 11:56

    Cool! Did you make your KNX home by yourself or some company did it?

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