Western Digital launched 1TB Live Hub networked media streamer

Western Digital Live Hub

A new WD TV Live Hub media player with 1 TB storage was announced yesterday. It doesn’t have some significant difference from many other networked HD players. The WD TV Live Hub can play almost all media formats and containers from built-in HDD, attached USB storage, network shares or online services. it supports a few online media services such Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Blockbuster on Demand and Flickr. So, you can find a lot players with similar functionality. However, the WD TV Live Hub has at least two interesting and maybe unique features. First of all, it contains UPnP / DLNA server which allows to stream the media content from the player to other devices in your home via local network. Secondly, the WD TV Live Hub has unique Facebook integration. You can upload photos and videos, change your status, view your wall and get the latest newsfeed from your network of friends using the WD player! And the finally, the player allows to create media jukebox to personalize media content for each family member or for different mood.

The WD TV Live Hub is already available worldwide with suggested retail price $199.99 USD. So, Facebook fans don’t miss it!

[via Engadget]

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