Logitech launched its Google TV set-top-box

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Last week Logitech launched its Google TV powered set-top-box called Revue. It’s tagged at $299.99 including keyboard controller and will be available at the end of October in US. It will have integration with Dish Network DVR because as I understand online TV content is still limited. Also Logitech offers a HD webcam for Revue to make video calls.

The Logitech Revue has many options for control it. As I already mentioned it comes with tiny RF keyboard controller which sports QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and IR emitter to manage TV, receivers and other A/V equipment via IR. Logitech offers also mini palm-sized controller (looks like it’s modified the Logitech diNovo Mini) which also has IR emitter. Additionally consumers may use their smartphones to control Revue with special application installed. And finally, featured Google TV apps will come pre-loaded on the device and App Store will be available next year.

Well, the Logitech Revue is definitely a new tendency in the entertainment area. We’ll see how success it’ll be. But for sure I’m going to buy the Logitech keyboard controller for my HTPC. Because it’ll be more convenient to use one device instead of RF keyboard and IR remote control. Will buy IR blaster instead.

UPDATED: Unfortunately, I was wrong. The keyboard controller doesn’t have IR blaster. The Revue includes two IR outputs. So, to send IR command to your TV or receiver you still need the Revue and not just the keyboard controller.

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    1. fettman24, 26. January 2011, 0:09

      The batteries died on my keyboard the other day, but I was still able to use my iPhone as a remote by downloading the free app. As a DISH Network employee I have been working with the Logitech for quite some time now, then when it was released in October I just had to get my own. I have it integrated to my DISH system so now I am able to have a seamless connection between the Logitech and my DISH receiver. I love it.

  • nite_man, 28. January 2011, 16:07

    Cool. Can you clarify for me DISH receiver gets content from the satellite or terrestrial?

  • serena, 25. May 2011, 14:54

    Launching of Google TV by Logitech is great .Many other companies are manufacturing Google TV like LG,Sony,Vizio etc.Which is the prove of changing technology level throughout the world.Now,you can use your android phone as a remote control of Google TV. It is the good benefit.

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