Touch Panel Control readies TPControl for the Android platform

TPControl for iPhone

After releasing a TPControl application for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to use Apple devices as full-functional AMX touch control panels, the Touch Panel Control Ltd decided to develop their software for the probably most popular and promising mobile platform Android.

The company will demonstrate the app at CEDIA Expo, Atlanta, September 22-26, 2010 to be followed by a beta launch. Full-fledged roll out of the application is planned for 90 days after CEDIA Expo.

The full press release is after break.

Hertford, UK, September 22, 2010 – Touch Panel Control Ltd (, an AMX Authorized Product Partner (AMX APP), is pleased to announce TP Control for the Android mobile platform. TPControl for Android follows the phenomenal success of the application for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

TPControl is an easy-to-use application that enables smart phones and tablet devices to transform into a fully functional touch panel for controlling AMX system platforms
for home automation applications, providing real-time, touch control of AV systems, lighting, shades, room temperatures and more.

The company will be demonstrating the TPControl application for the Android OS at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, September 22-26, 2010. A controlled beta launch is
scheduled for after the event, with the product planned to be made widely available by the end of 2010. Several Android-based phones will be supported at the launch.
“With Android OS smartphones acquiring market share leadership in the US among all smartphone OS handsets from the second quarter of this year, it was only a matter
of time before we released our application for this fast growing platform,” said Ben Flux, Operations Director, Touch Panel Control. “We believe that the availability of this
application on the Android platform will further empower the AMX dealer community and enable them to offer cost-effective solutions to a much larger user base.”

According to the company’s development roadmap, TPControl will soon be made available for the Dell Streak and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as being ready for
the range of tablet devices from other manufacturers expected to hit the market by the first quarter of 2011.

“We are indeed thrilled at the progress we have made in our goal to provide user-friendly mobile technology-based applications for the AMX community, and the widespread acceptance of our flagship product. We will continue to develop and offer innovative and highly useful products for the AMX dealer community, that
will enable them to deliver the greatest value to their customers,” added Ben Flux.

To find out more about TPControl for Android and be invited for the controlled roll-out, please visit us at the AMX (Booth No.912) at the CEDIA Expo.

About Touch Panel Control Ltd

Touch Panel Control specializes in developing mobile software applications for home automation control systems. The first company to participate in the AMX Authorized
Product Partner program, Touch Panel Control is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable users interface with leading control system manufacturers and
cost-effectively take maximum advantage of the various technologies that are available within the control systems industry. Touch Panel Control offers mobile solutions for the AMX control system platforms through smart devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company’s highly-talented team comprises of domain experts in the
home automation realm and software engineers experienced in state-of-the-art web and mobile technologies.

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