New Apple TV vs competitors

Apple TV competitors

Apple hit the media community releasing the next generation of its Apple TV. It’s incredibly small and stylish as all Apple’s products. And it supports HD video and costs just $99! But many of us would like to compare it with a few others devices available on the market. At least briefly. Thanks to Engadget, we can do it. Competitors of Apple TV in that comparison are Roku HD-XR, Popbox, LG Blu-ray player BD550, PS3, Xbox 360 and WDTV Live. As you may see at there are at least two big disadvantages of new Apple TV – lack of 1080p support and impossibility to watch media from local non-Mac storage. Sure if you’re living in US and happy with online services such Netflix or iTunes the Apple TV might be a perfect choice for you. But even though think about Roku which offers for the same money FullHD support and more online services.

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