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Amahi for the Marvell Plug Computer released!

Ionics Stratus Plug Computer

As we expected today Amahi Plug Edition for the Plug Computer platform based on the Marvell ® ARMADA processor was released. You can get it here.

Also Amahi launched a theme and app contest where you can win 6 FREE 1.2GHz Ionics Stratus Plug Computers with WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave (for home automation) and Gigabit Ethernet! Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity!

[via Amahi Blog]

Special version of Amahi home server for Plug Computer

Plug Computer

Amahi development team is going to release tomorrow a special distribution of their home service for Plug Computer – very compact device, based on Marvell ® ARMADA processor. The advantages of such solution are following:

  • The Plug Computer offers remarkably low power consumption: 3 ~ 8 Watts, which is very impressive!
  • It’s fanless and virtually noiseless. If you run yours with a flash drive, it has zero noise (and uses even less power!)
  • Small footprint. You can put your server wherever it’s convenient. If you are in tight quarters, like in a student dorm, or a cramped office, this is the perfect solution to getting your data where you want it!
  • It’s inexpensive – typically Plug Computers run $99 for a base system!

A typical setup is a 1.2GHz unit with an external USB drive attached. When idle, it comes to about 3 Watts; 7 to 8 Watts while booting and about 4 Watts with bursts of 6 Watts while streaming a full movie to an iPad with our very popular Videos5 app or a 1080p stream to an HDTV. Not bad indeed. And the next generation (already starting to ship) will have processors at 2GHz, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth built in! So, stay tune!

Design your smarthome online with Vesternet

Wireless Home Automation Simplified by Vesternet

When beginners start DIY smarthome project first they face with problem of choice of right equipment. The ZigBee & Z-Wave wireless Home Automation integrator Vesternet recently launched the online graphical planner which can help to solve that. The planner is separated by two areas – lighting control and security system. So, you just need to press highlighted elements in the house, see detailed info and add them to the cart if you’d like to buy them. Additionally you’ll able to control total cost according to your budget because it’s calculated dynamically when some product is added to or removed from the cart. Smart and helpful tool indeed!

[via AutomatedHome]

EFO iPazzport: keyboard, touchpad, mouse and laser pointer in one

EFO iPazzPort Mini Keyboard

Almost one year took company EFO to produce a next generation its wireless compact touchpad with QWERTY keyboard for HTPC. The new EFO iPazzport sounds like Apple product but looks like BlackBerry smartphone. Additionally to touchpad, mouse and keyboard it includes laser pointer which can be useful for presentations or to point to some detail in the movie.

The EFO iPazzport uses RF to communicate with HTPC. The new dongle is smaller that previous one and offers a 10 meters working range. Additionally the device has battery with short recharge time and backlighting to operate in low light environment (home theater, for example). The EFO iPazzport is supported by Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and doesn’t require installation special software. Also it’s compatible with PS3, Wii and XBox.

The new EFO iPazzport is available on the producer site at $45. See its demo video after break.
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Compact network HD media player

CinemaTube Mini

If you look for compact but power media player then CinemaTube Mini from brite-View is possible your choice. The player has clean design and small dimensions – just 204×145.4×20 mm. It plays all well-known media formats and containers from attached USB storage or network shares in FullHD resolution. The player doesn’t have internal HDD. However it sports eSATA port. So, you’ll able attach external HDD and have good performance. Also unlike other diskless players CinemaTube Mini offers Torrent-client.

The CinemaTube Mini includes HDMI, Composite, analog and optical S/PDIF outputs, two USB ports and Ethernet port. The GUI looks nice, simple and clean. Except Torrent-client it includes interface to Flickr and service of internet radio stations Muzee. The player doesn’t offer access to any online video service. But its price $89.99 (WiFi adaptor costs $20 additionally) compensates it. Moreover, it’s possible to have the online video services as well as some other new features in the future via firmware update.

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