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LifeShield Security Introduces Two Major Additions To Their Innovative Home Security Portfolio

LifeShield Security Introduces Two Major Additions To Their Innovative Home Security Portfolio GSM, a fourth layer of protection provided by your cell phone and New Wi-Fi security cameras for the home — both add up to increased peace of mind.

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Marmitek ProGuard800 joins X10 security and home automation

Marmitek ProGuard800 Home Automation and Security Panel

As you may know one of the biggest disadvantage of X10 is different protocols for security and automation. So, you should have two separated devices – automation controller and security panel to cover both areas. Marmitek tries to make a life of DYI-ers easier by producing ProGuard800 security panel. With additional X-10 Home Automation module it’ll allow control dimmers, switches, sockets etc from the same panel.

The TheProGuard800 uses radio frequency to communicate with different types of sensors which makes an installation procedure easier and more conformable. Additionally the ProGuard800 can be integrated with telephony using PSTN or GSM modules. So, you’ll be able to control your home or receive notifications using mobile or landline phone.

The TheProGuard800 is already available for £400 including the security panel itself, two motion detectors, door/window sensor and keyfob remote control.

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Control energy consumption with ZigBee Plugwise Smart Sockets

ZigBee Plugwise Smart Sockets

Plugwise announced its new ZigBee Smart Sockets which together with PlugWise Stick USB mesh network transmitter / receiver and PlugWise software can give you a full control under energy consumption in your home. Except that you’ll able to manage sockets remotely. Thanks to wireless technology ZigBee.

Each Smart Socket is £35 and USB transmitter/receiver is £40.

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New Control4 touchscreen control panels

Control4 InfinityEdge

I’m not a big fun of Apple’s devices. But I’d like to say a release of iPad did a small revolution in the commercial smarthome systems. For example, the touchscreen panel from AMX costs $2000-$3000. But it can be easily replaced by iPad with special application (iRidium can be a good choice) just for $800-$900 including iPad, software licence and mount kit if it’s needed.

But it isn’t the only one advantage of iPad. Apple pushes other producers to release devices with similar functions and price. Recently Control4 announced its new touchscreen control panel InfinityEdge which looks and costs like iPad. The InfinityEdge will be equiped with a sleek capacitive, multi-touch display with 5- and 7-inch diagonals. It’ll be powered over Ethernet or AC power, and feature both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The price of Control4 InfinityEdge will be $599 for the 5- and $899 for the 7-inch models. The big advantage of it over iPad is a native support of Control4 OS and Flash. So, the users of Control4 systems now have a choice between iPad and InfinityEdge and this is good for them.

3D technology becomes more affordable

Samsung 50-inch PN50C490 3D-ready plasma HDTV

A new 50-inch 3D-ready HD plasma TV from Samsung will be available in US for less then $1K! The TV has resolution 720p (it isn’t FullHD actually) and sports three HDMI v1.4 inputs, a single USB port, two component video inputs with left/right analog audio and a shared composite/PC (RGB) and PC audio/RF input.

If you like that Samsung TV and are going to buy it remember that additionally you’ll need active-shutter glasses – $150 per set and, of course, Blu-ray player of satellite receiver with 3D support. But in any case, the price $989 for 50″ 3D HD TV is unbelievable! And this is just a beginning. Let’s see what Samsung’s competitors will do next.

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