LifeShield Security Introduces Two Major Additions To Their Innovative Home Security Portfolio

LifeShield Security Introduces Two Major Additions To Their Innovative Home Security Portfolio GSM, a fourth layer of protection provided by your cell phone and New Wi-Fi security cameras for the home — both add up to increased peace of mind.

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August 12, 2010 — Yardley, PA – LifeShield Security(tm) (, the first national, all digital, professional grade and professionally monitored wireless home security system, officially launched its fourth layer of protection; the first layer is internet, second is phone, third is battery, and now the fourth – GSM cellular back up
protection. GSM; the global system for mobile communications is the most popular standard for mobile services. Now all LifeShield security systems will be linked through GSM. LifeShield is proud to offer this feature to their customers with no additional cost.

In addition LifeShield is adding new cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled. With this new feature, cameras can be placed anywhere you want within your home. LifeShield’s new cameras offer a faster transmission time that will allow you to see what is going on in any home faster than ever before with a better live video response. LifeShield’s Wi-Fi cameras coupled with its new fourth layer of protection; GSM cellular, make it virtually impossible for a burglar to compromise the system. These new additions to LifeShield Security offer increased piece of mind, especially at the time of year when children begin to head back to school.

Many children come home to an empty house. Now with LifeShield Wi-Fi cameras you can see your child walk through the front door and be assured that they are safe – all within a few seconds. LifeShield can also notify you if a scheduled event doesn’t occur. Should your child not arrive home at the expected time the system will alert you via text message. This is all in addition to LifeShield’s already family-focused technology. Parents can receive text messages and emails when their children come home, and attach sensors to monitor specific areas of your home including medicine and liquor cabinets. LifeShield handsets and intercoms also double as a baby monitor.

LifeShield is designed with families in mind and continues to protect your loved ones with special features like MyLifeshield. This unique monitoring record system has the ability for you to log in and view the complete history of who has been in and out of your home each day.

LifeShield supports cutting edge technology while maintaining affordability. LifeShield has a universal design to accommodate all different types of families, homeowners and renters – making safety affordable.

For a limited time, new customers can enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial and Pay-As-You-Go pricing with no annual contract. For more information, visit, or contact 1-866-222-8580. To view a brief video about LifeShield Security, click here:

About LifeShield Security(tm)

LifeShield Security(tm) is the first national, professional grade and professionally monitored wireless security system that uses an easy to set-up “plug and protect” process, providing superior home protection and the best value in total home security. For more on LifeShield Security, visit

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