Marmitek ProGuard800 joins X10 security and home automation

Marmitek ProGuard800 Home Automation and Security Panel

As you may know one of the biggest disadvantage of X10 is different protocols for security and automation. So, you should have two separated devices – automation controller and security panel to cover both areas. Marmitek tries to make a life of DYI-ers easier by producing ProGuard800 security panel. With additional X-10 Home Automation module it’ll allow control dimmers, switches, sockets etc from the same panel.

The TheProGuard800 uses radio frequency to communicate with different types of sensors which makes an installation procedure easier and more conformable. Additionally the ProGuard800 can be integrated with telephony using PSTN or GSM modules. So, you’ll be able to control your home or receive notifications using mobile or landline phone.

The TheProGuard800 is already available for £400 including the security panel itself, two motion detectors, door/window sensor and keyfob remote control.

[via AutomatedHome]

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