New Control4 touchscreen control panels

Control4 InfinityEdge

I’m not a big fun of Apple’s devices. But I’d like to say a release of iPad did a small revolution in the commercial smarthome systems. For example, the touchscreen panel from AMX costs $2000-$3000. But it can be easily replaced by iPad with special application (iRidium can be a good choice) just for $800-$900 including iPad, software licence and mount kit if it’s needed.

But it isn’t the only one advantage of iPad. Apple pushes other producers to release devices with similar functions and price. Recently Control4 announced its new touchscreen control panel InfinityEdge which looks and costs like iPad. The InfinityEdge will be equiped with a sleek capacitive, multi-touch display with 5- and 7-inch diagonals. It’ll be powered over Ethernet or AC power, and feature both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The price of Control4 InfinityEdge will be $599 for the 5- and $899 for the 7-inch models. The big advantage of it over iPad is a native support of Control4 OS and Flash. So, the users of Control4 systems now have a choice between iPad and InfinityEdge and this is good for them.

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