Live demonstration of the Boxee Box prototype

Boxee Box

As you may know the release of DLink Boxee Box is delayed till October or November 2010. But now you can see the live demo of the prototype that device (thanks to Engadget!). Even prototype looks nice. The Boxee Box is compact and stylish. It doesn’t looks like the rest media players of HTPC offered on the market.

The Boxee remote control with QWERTY keyboard on the back is really cool! This is what I’m waiting long time. It uses radio frequency but it’d be possible to control IR equipment as well by adding USB IR transmitter. Hope Boxee team will add that feature some day.

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    1. Tom Abell, 4. August 2010, 6:20

      Enjoyed the Article, though I'm not sure if the Boxee really will hold it's own in the long run. With Hulu pulling it's content and the fact that a Windows 7 HTPC can do so much more…what's the point ya know? Anyways, really like the content of your site,perhaps we can trade links for articles? You're more than welcome to come visit us at -Tom

  • nite_man, 4. August 2010, 14:57

    Boxee offers the same features as Windows HTPC but the Boxee Box is three times (minimum) cheaper then Windows 7 HTPC. Also you can install Boxee or XBMC on any PC and get a power of Linux HTPC.

  • Ghostface, 4. August 2010, 12:55

    What exactly is it that a Windows 7 HTPC can do that you can't with Linux and Boxee or any other Pc ?

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