Using O2 Joggler as xAP home automation controller

xAP Smart Home Interface for the O2 Joggler

Smarthome enthusiasts from Automated Home forum announced the way of using O2 Joggler as xAP controller. What is the O2 Joggler? The O2 Joggler is a touchscreen family organizer offered by UK company O2. It’s very cheap – just £50, and can be used to access online content via WiFi or some applications such calendar or maps. And xAP is an open Home Automation Protocol, created by Automated Home readers. The big advantage of xAP, except its openness, of course, is possibility to integrate it with most popular standards like X10 or Z-Wave. So, mixing O2 Joggler and xAP we get a cheap portable controller for our DIY home automation system. To get more information, please, follow by that thread on the Automated Home forum.

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