Transfer media from PC/laptop to TV without wires

Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set

Sometimes we’d like to watch movie or see photos from our notebook or PC directly on TV. Modern laptops have even HDMI output. So, it’s easy to connect them to TV. But again you need wires and stay near laptop to control playback or slide show. Wisair offers more convenient way for that. Using its Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set you’ll able to send even 720p HD video without wires! Just plug USB transmitter to the laptop (or any PC) and connect the A/V receiver to your TV via HDMI or VGA. That’s it. Nice solution isn’t it?

For more details, please, see the press-release below.

Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set Untangles Entertainment with Wireless Delivery of Laptop PC and Any Internet Content to Any HD Screen
Wirelessly Stream Movies, TV, Photo Slideshows, Presentations, Online Content and More to Any HDTV, Projector or Monitor; Work on Laptop While Others Watch Remote Content

Campbell, CA — The vast array of multi-media content available today has never looked better thanks to the arrival of HDTV. The problem is that getting content from the laptop and online content to the TV once required a tangle of cords and a degree in electrical engineering in order to make the proper connections—if it was possible at all. A further complication: cable length limits users’ ability to sit away from the TV with their laptop, creating an inconvenient and uncomfortable user experience.

Introducing the Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set — an easy-to-use USB adapter system that allows home and office users to “cut the cord” and wirelessly stream content from their laptop—including pictures, movies, presentations and online media—to any HDTV, projector or monitor without the tangled mess of cords and complicated setup.

Featuring HDMI video/audio support and VGA connectivity with stereo audio support through a 3.5 mm audio jack, the Wisair Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set delivers 32-bit True Color depth and up to 1400×1050 screen resolution for high-quality images. With 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo sound and HD video resolution up to 720p, movies (Blu-ray excluded) and videos look sharp and sound crystal clear for an optimum viewing experience.

“In a few simple steps, the Wireless USB A/V adapter allows you to stream just about any laptop PC content to any remote viewing device in the same room, with Wisair’s single-chip, UltraSpeed technology for the best performance and full-room coverage,” said David Yaish, founder and CEO of Wisair. “And, it even allows for someone to use the computer without disrupting the stream of content to the HDTV or remote monitor.”

The wireless adapter system installs easily, with a wireless laptop adapter that plugs into any USB port on the computer. A USB device adapter plugs into the A/V base, which is connected to the TV via HDMI port in any TV or a VGA port in any projector and monitor. Audio can be delivered via the HDMI port or a 3.5mm stereo port.

The system is compatible with Windows® 7, Vista™ and XP® , features 128-bit AES security and meets all available worldwide signal compliances, including the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and China.

The Wisair Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set is available in the U.S. through Warpia, Cables Unlimited and Atlona.

For more information about the Wisair wireless USB A/V Adapter Set, visit

About Wisair
Wisair is a fabless semiconductor company providing single-chip all-CMOS based Ultra Wideband (UWB) and wireless USB chipset solutions to enable high bit-rate, low power and low-cost applications for personal computing, consumer electronics and mobile devices. A technology leader in the UWB arena, Wisair holds multiple UWB patents and provides complete solutions for both host and device Wireless USB applications. Founded in 2001, Wisair is a member of the RAD Group and is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel with offices in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. For more information, visit

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