iRidium, NEW 1.4. Version for AMX

iRidium Mobile development team recently released a new version of iRidium 1.4 for AMX. It’s supported by Windows XP/7/Mobile and available for downloading on the iRidum Mobile web site. The version for iPhone/iPad will be updated on AppStore till the end of next week.

New in the version 1.4:

  • added commands @PPX, @PPG, @PPK, PPON, PPOF, ^BAT, ^BAU, ^SHO, ^BCB, ^BCT, ^BCF, ^BOP, ^ENA;
  • added Chameleon Image option;
  • borders functionality is revised;
  • extended font support;
  • added sound;
  • added a queue of display support – Free Show sequence (in older version only one sequence – FILL, Image, Icon, Text);
  • added a full-screen mode for desktop;
  • improved performance of the Windows mobile version.

The team is continuing work with the next 1.5 release where you’ll find new features. Also they’d like to remind you that you can still get a free version of iRidium here.

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