i-Got-Control turns iPhone into IR remote control

i-Got-Control for iPhone

i-Got-Control is another way to turn your iPhone into IR remote control. As Potato FLPR IR dongle it’s connected directly to the iPhone and doesn’t need additional devices or WiFi. Just download and install app from the App Store to define remote layout. Consumers have a choice between a big database of IR codes and learning mode to copy IR commands from any remote control.

To have possibility to control your TV or home cinema from your iPhone you should pay just $69.95, which is not so expensive for such good feature.

[via SlashGear]

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    1. Couch Potato, 29. August 2010, 5:39

      I love my IRB1! It’s so easy to setup. It’s so great to be able to control all my stuff from my iPhone.

  • Channel Surfer, 2. September 2010, 9:05

    My wife just gave me I-got-control for my birthday. I love using it on my iPod touch. Now I don’t need to search for the remote cause I always have my iPod handy. Thanks Babe!

  • Day Trader, 11. September 2010, 2:09

    What will they think of next? Flying cars? Seriously though, I use my i got control on my iPad. Now I can read the WSJ and adjust my TV from the same device. That's pretty cool.

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