MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

Not ordinary keyboard for HTPC was produced by Cideko. The Cideko Air Keyboard is a wireless compact QWERTY keyboard with additional media and navigation keys. Additionally the keyboard has built-in gyration mouse which makes control of HTPC more handy (see the demo video below). To have that possibility you should spend almost 90 bucks. But I think it’s worth that.

There is only one disadvantage. It lacks F1-F12 keys which are used in the media software. For example, F7 brings main menu in the LinuxMCE and F8 – lighting “rose”. But from another hand it’d be interesting to configure the Cideko Air Keyboard similar way as it’s done for Gyration mouse or FiireChief. In any case, that keyboard can be a good addition to your home theater based on PC.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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    1. 4mul, 3. March 2010, 14:15
  • Yogi, 27. May 2010, 21:57

    WARNING!! Sent this to Cideko concerning issue with the Air Keyboard;

    “I recently bought the cideko air keyboard and have to inform you that there is a bug present with your product. When switching left button click to the right button, the cideko randomly makes double button clicks! This does not however happen when the left button is used as a left button. Therefore, this looks as if it’s a driver issue. I have tested this on several cideko’s.”

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