Lighting control system is based on EnOcean


Recently I found the Verve – the first (at least I had never seen before any) commercial lighting control system based on EnOcean. EnOcean is a modern wireless technology to easily build your home automation system. Comparing with another technologies such Z-Wave or ZigBee, EnOCean has a big advantage. It doesn’t use any battery to power devices. Instead of that it convert electromagnetic, piezogenerators, solar cells, thermocouples etc into usable electrical energy.

There is, unfortunately, not any detailed info, price and availability of the Verve. But it’s nice to see that EnOcean becomes more popular.

P. S. I just would like to remind you that LinuxMCE has basic support of EnOcean too. See that wiki page for more details.

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    1. Nic Darling, 20. February 2010, 2:00

      We actually used the Verve system in a pair of homes we just completed in Philly. It is a relatively simple system but we really liked it. Good pricing, stylish components and easy to use. There are a couple little upgrades that we are waiting for, but we still intend to use it in the three homes we are breaking ground on next week.

  • Michael Stepanov, 20. February 2010, 17:09

    Great! Nic, could you tell us, please, the approximate price for dimmers, switches and sensors provided by Verve?

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