Integrated Solar Panel Roofing


Great product is offered by SRS Energy – sole power tile. It allows to build a big solar panel from whole roof. If it isn’t fake that product will be very very popular on Cyprus where so many sunny days.

[via Mavromatic]

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    1. russ, 2. February 2010, 14:17

      Very popular on Cyprus?

      First Ä° have read a lot about these and indications are it is fake.

      As there are none of the subsidies where Ä° live, which is close to Cyprus, it will be a very – very long time before anyone gets even a little interested in these boat anchors.

  • Michael Stepanov, 2. February 2010, 17:22

    Well, it seems that it’s fake. There is a lot of sunny days on Cyprus. So, if somebody will bring such product with real price and show what profit can be made (reduce electricity bills, heat/cool house cheap way etc) it’ll definitely hit the market. Currently the solar panels are used to heat the water only. But even using that small part of the big sunny potential helps to reduce energy consumption and make life easier 🙂

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