RedEye turns your iPhone into smart remote control

ThinkFlood  RedEye Universal Remote Control System for iPhone and iPod touch

ThinkFlood recently launches RedEye universal remote control system for iPhone and iPod Touch. The system is split by two parts – hardware and software. Hardware component includes a IR transmitter which is also a dock-station for iPhone or iPod Touch and WiFi access point. Software part is an application which can be downloaded from iTunes. Device communicates with IR transmitter via WiFi. It’s possible to use several transmitters in the different rooms to control IR equipment in whole house.

The RedEye allows to create your own layout for remote control. It also utilizes accelerometer to switch channels or control volume (see demo video below). The RedEye offers also a huge database of IR codes. You just select your device and the application will download its codes. For unknown devices the RedEye provides learning mode as all universal remotes.

The RedEye system for iPhone and iPod Touch is available at $188.00. It isn’t so cheap but considering offered functionality it looks reasonable.

That video demonstrates the accelerometer utilization.

Explanation of setup and using RedEye system

[via AutomatedHome]

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