Look! The good example of TV installation

LCD TV and sound installation

Just found that picture on the Unplggd web site. Probably this is the best TV installation I seen ever! No any visible wires and stylish audio components. I’d like to know more about that installation. So, if you have some info, please, drop the comment.

UPDATE: The installation is used KEF KHT 3005 5.1 surround sound system (thanks to Paulo Hoppe for info!).

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    1. Kevin, 21. January 2010, 21:11

      All my TV installs are wire-free. I think the secret is to not be afraid to tear into some walls.

      In one installation, I had a closet directly behind the TV. I used a piece of pvc pipe and some grommets as a conduit. The wires go behind the TV, through the wall to a shelf with all the components. IR Repeater handles the remote (wired, not wireless).

      In my other installation, I did not hesitate to just a cut a big slit all the way across the wall. It’s not a big deal, just save the piece you cut out, and screw it back in place after. If you don’t have enough stud coverage for the piece you cut out, put a small piece of wood behind the hole, screw it to the sheetrock on both sides of the hole, and then use it as a base to screw the patch piece to. Mar the edges with the back of a screw driver and fix the crack with joint compound. Easy, and no raised patch area. Which brings me to my next point, never, ever use the square metal/mesh patches. You will spend forever trying to feather the compound across the wall.

  • Paulo Hoppe, 22. January 2010, 4:10

    This guy is using a KEF KHT300 series speaker kit, an excellent system, which offers the alternative of a wireless subwoofer.

  • Michael Stepanov, 22. January 2010, 16:53

    Kevin, thanks for the good explanation of how to hide wires. So you have some pictures of your work?
    Paulo Hoppe, thanks for the information about speaker kit. It looks great!

  • Frank Rogers, 29. January 2010, 1:46

    Wires are easy to hide. We install TV’s and hide the wires just as well all day long! Check out my pictures TV Installations In CT

  • Michael Stepanov, 2. February 2010, 17:26

    Thanks, Frank, for interesting link. I know that it’s easy to hide wires. But I also like the whole style of that room. It looks very professional. Like comparing AMG tuned Mercedes and work of some ordinary tuners.

  • Simply av, 14. February 2010, 2:18

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