Bulogic bridges Z-Wave to Zigbee smart power meters

Bulogics Smart Grid Controller

Z-Wave is a standard de-facto for modern DIY home automation (don’t forget then X10 is still alive). thanks to good compatibility between devices from different producers, wide range of devices and support by many commercial and open source home automation systems. While ZigBee is used widely in the energy monitors and power meters. To fill the gap between those two Sigma Designs produced the Bulogics Smart Grid Home Controller. That controller will allow to join your home automation system with power meter to monitor and reduce energy consumption.

There is no any words about the price or date availability of the Bulogics Controller. But I hope it won’t take more then one-two mothes have it in production.

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    1. CustomControls.co.uk, 7. March 2010, 23:16

      This is also possible with the Honeywell Sensible Heat System which has a feed in to Crestron & AMX. This is certainly the future – prove to a client that there new lighting control system IS actually saving energy!

  • GridWatch, 29. March 2010, 19:09

    Glad to see this. We're looking forward to improving the efficiency of power management in the home. Our local power company has been using a remotely controlled device for turning our air conditioner and hot water heater off during peak hours to save us money and to moderate the power grid.

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