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Elonex 7 Digital TV Photoframe

Digital TV Photoframe

The Elonex 7 Digital TV Photoframe can be a good Christmas present for home automation DIYers. For just about €50 you’ll get 7″ 16:9 photoframe with resolution 720 x 480 pixels with DVB-T TV tuner which turns that frame into small TV! It also includes a remote control and built-in stereo speakers as well as 3 in 1 Card Reader ( SD,MS,MMC) and USB port.

That amazing photoframe can be used as portable media player (it’ll work even in your care) or bathroom TV, as AutomatedHome suggests. But I’m not sure that hight humidity and hot steam won’t break the Elonex Photoframe. In any case, its price and features leaves much to the imagination.

Sony and RealD will bring 3D at home theaters

Sony and RealD

Good news for all PS3 fans. Last week the specs for 3D Blu-ray were finalized and as result PS3 will have support 3D. So, if you already have Sony Playstation 3 you’ll just update its firmware to enjoy 3D effects (sure, you should have a 3D compatible TV). Also Sony will be licensing RealD tech for use in consumer products in 2010. If you don’t know the RealD is company who is behind the 3D technology for many of the high-end 3D films in theaters like Avatar, for example. That new 3D technology will be added to the 3D Bravia LCD TV line. It’ll need 3D eyewear to view the content.

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Control Sonos with Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote

Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote

With new major update of Philips ProntoEdit Professional software Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote can control Sonos zoned music system. It works nice – automatic search of players, playback control etc. Only search of desired track takes too much time.

The module to control Sonos is based on UPnP/DLNA engine incorporated into the Pronto platform. Using it you can implement similar module to control any UPnP/DLNA system.

Check the demo after jump.
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SDK for Roku player is opened for developers

Roku HD Player

A few days ago a SDK for Roku was openned for all developers. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux to allow programmers use their preferable OS. Using SDK developers can produce their own channels for Roku which will be published in the Channel Store after review and testing.

Roku is cool network player with very reasonable price – $79.99 for SD version, $99.99 for HD and $129.99 for HD + WiFi. But it’s designed to playback online content. As I know currently there is no way to watch stream from local network or from USB mass storage. And this is a big disadvantage for non-US folks. However, I hope those limitations will be fixed with 3rd part extensions developed with Roku SDK. Moreover, maybe it’d be possible use Roku as a client for MythTV or VDR. Will see that.

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LOOQS MeeFrame: WiFi photo frame, radio and more

LOOQS MeeFrame

Digital photo frames are becoming more and more popular. And as result they include more and more features which are not related to photo at all. The same can be said about MeeFrame produced by LOOQS. Sure it displays photos from internal 1GB memory as well as from USB stick or SD card. But additionally to that the MeeFrame sports WiFi b/g adapter. So it can show streamed content from Flickr, Picasa and MeeChannel, playback internet radio (thanks to 2W stereo speakers), display RSS feeds and photos received via email. Not bad for the digital photo frame, isn’t?

The LOOQS MeeFrame has 8″ touchscreen display with 800×600 resolution. So, you won’t spend you time to adopt photos to display on full screen. Touchscreen offers easy and clear way to configure and control device. Additionally the MeeFrame can be used together with other LOOQS products – the MeeBox NAS and MeeBox Router.

The LOOQS MeeFrame will be demonstrated at CES in January 2010. I suspect after that we’ll know about its price and date of availability.

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