Broadcom Crystal HD Hardware Decoder and XBMC

Broadcom Hardware Decoder

It seems that nVidia Ion has a serious competitor – Broadcom with its Crystal HD Hardware Decoder. The biggest advantage of Broadcom is a common API for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and possibility to add it to the old boxes without upgrade graphical adapter. One of the first who added support of Broadcom was XBMC. Currently you can checkout XBMC with Broadcom from SVN repository and build it from the sources. Of course, you need Broadcom Hardware Decoder to test it. For example, that $69.00 PCIe Mini Card. That gives you possibility to decode mpeg2, h.264 and VC1 video content up to 1080p using Broadcom card. So, weak CPU won’t be a problem for HD video playback. Happy testing and Happy New Year!

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