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New version of iRidium Mobile is out!

iRidium mobile

New version of iRdium Mobile was released. Following major feature were implemented in that version:

  • supporting of controllers powered by ModBus TCP and AXICO protocols! It opens the opportunity for installers of building home automation systems based on low-priced and fail-safe ModBus TCP controllers such as Beckhoff, Siemens, Wago, Schneider Electric and many others. These reliable controllers have been seldom used in home automation due to the absence of comfortable display facilities. With the release of iRidium 1.2 and our GUI editor iRidium GUI (scheduled for release in late october) the controllers powered by ModBus turn into complete alternative to the systems like AMX, EIB, and C-bus.
  • possibility to see a streaming video from web and IP cams! Now iRidium can get a view from any camera all over the world, and 3G network makes possible to achieve pretty good quality at the speed of 7-15 FPS!
  • choice between outer and inner connection on iPhone! This feature was added upon request of our partners for their customers’ comfort. If inner or outer IP connection isn’t set on default, the application suggests these two possible ways of connection.

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24 different ways to mount a flat-panel TV

How to mount your plasma

CEPro published a slideshow which demonstrates how your flat-panel TV can be mounted. I was impressed by different kinds of rotating interfaces and mounting TV over fireplace. In the last case some additional work should be done to protect TV from the heat.

10 useful applications for Windows MCE

Lifextender for MCE

Lifehacker shared 10 applications which can extend functionality of your Windows MCE. I’d like to mention to following apps:

  • Lifextender and DVRMSToolbox remove ads automatically from recorded TV.
  • Hulu Desktop Integration adds Hulu Desktop to the Windows MCE.
  • DVD Rip offers ripping DVDs in the easy way.
  • Super, Format Factory, MediaCoder, HandBrake and doubleTwist convert and transfer tracks to your portable player.

Fanless 800MHz Tiny Modules For Space Conscious Systems


Two new products from the ICOP “Tiny” stable (66mm x 100mm footprint, 63g weight) have just been launched and are ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The ICOP-6318 provides a fanless 800MHz CPU with 256/512MB system memory. 4MB on board SPI flash is provided whilst additional storage can be added via IDE Disk on Modules. An optional IDE to Micro SD adaptor can also be supplied.

Its fully featured I/O comprises, a 10/100 LAN port and an enhanced IDE port (UDMA), 4 off USB(2.0) ports, 4 off RS232 ports (one optionally 485), 2 off 16bit GPIO ports and finally a PS/2 keyboard & mouse port.
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Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate

Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate

That cool switch plate offers some kind of unique functionality. You may record a message (up to 20 seconds) that will automatically play each time someone flips the switch. It can easily replace an existing switch plate. Just not sure how to 4 AAA batteries will fit the switch box. Also the Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate is cheap (just $9.99). So, you can simple try it to see how it fits your life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the possibility to ship that messaging plate to Cyprus. So, I have no idea how it useful but personally I prefer notifications on my cell phone 🙂

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