Fanless 800MHz Tiny Modules For Space Conscious Systems


Two new products from the ICOP “Tiny” stable (66mm x 100mm footprint, 63g weight) have just been launched and are ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The ICOP-6318 provides a fanless 800MHz CPU with 256/512MB system memory. 4MB on board SPI flash is provided whilst additional storage can be added via IDE Disk on Modules. An optional IDE to Micro SD adaptor can also be supplied.

Its fully featured I/O comprises, a 10/100 LAN port and an enhanced IDE port (UDMA), 4 off USB(2.0) ports, 4 off RS232 ports (one optionally 485), 2 off 16bit GPIO ports and finally a PS/2 keyboard & mouse port.

A 24-32 channel PWM port accompanied by DOS, Linux & Windows (CE & XP) example support material is provided for polled or interrupt driven control of analogue interfaces.

The well established XGI Volari Z9s chipset provides VGA & flat panel (1280×1024) interfaces with 32MB video memory, a CM119 USB audio controller satisfies line in/out (should the application demand human interfaces) and where remote access to the keyboard and display is required console redirection is also provided.

Two software programmable (30.5uS up to 512 secs) watchdog timers provide a flexible restart mechanism should things go wrong and a battery backed real time clock is a simple yet effective method of time tagging events.

The ICOP-6318 consumes a mere 700mA from a single rail (5V) supply and has a -20°C to + 70°C operating temperature range(optionally -40°C to + 85°C)

The ICOP-6315 is very similar to the 6318 but is targeted at headless applications and as a consequence VGA & Audio features are removed but an ISA Bus has been added. The USB ports are reduced from 4 to 2.

The ICOP-6315 is a drop in replacement for the ICOP-6318. This allows users to take advantage of the VGA interface of the ICOP-6318 before migrating to the lower cost, headless ICOP-6315 for production.

With a stated current consumption of around 480mA at 5V (just over half that of the ICOP-6118) the ICOP-6315 is an attractive PC engine for volume OEM applications.

To view the complete specifications of the boards please visit the relevant product pages on DSL website – ICOP-6318 / ICOP-6315

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