Boxee box is coming soon

Boxee box

Finally Boxee decided to produce their own box thanks to partnership with a CE company. They don’t give any other information about the partner or the specs of the device. Well, I don’t know is it good or not. Because personally I don’t see a big reason to have a Boxee device. It’s so easy to buy some inexpensive nettop like ASUS Eee Desktop or Acer Asparevo and install desire OS with Boxee there. Or, for example, recently announced nettop Myka already includes Boxee together with XBMC and Hulu Desktop. Moreover, Boxee can be easily installed on any PC or Apple TV and it doesn’t need some special knowledge.

In any case, let’s wait till Boxee box will be shipped. Maybe it’ll be cheap to promote Boxee. But I’m afraid that we’ll get just another nettop with Boxee logo on the front side.

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