Using Philips Pronto as AMX control panel

Emulinx and Pronto

Axis Control demonstrated on the CEDIA 2009 its new software Emulinx for Pronto which can turn Philips Pronto into an AMX touchscreen. Its implementation is done using ProntoScript – Pronto JavaScript programming environment. The Pronto with Emulinx offers the same functionality as native AMX touchscreen panel for less money. Actually you can save $1000 and more depending on Pronto’s screen size.

It seems that Pronto TSU controllers became universal solution for the smarthome systems. Currently they support AMX, Lutron RadioRa, Escient Firebal, HAI and about 140 other products including multiroom audio, security and surveillance.

I’d like to remind you about Russian software Iridium which allows to use iPhone, iPod Touch, Win Mobile smartphone or WinXP/Vista UMPC, netbook or PC as AMX control panel. It’d be nice to compare Iridium with Emulinx. At the first glass the Iridium offers cheaper way to have full-function AMX control panel then Emulinx. Also the range of devices which can be used with Iridium is much bigger.

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    1. Linz, 18. October 2010, 6:11

      Does anyone know how to get the AMX tochange pages on the Pronto panel. I have purchased Emulinx, most of the functions of a standard AMX control panel are available, but I can't figure out how to achieve page flips.
      I'm hoping someone knows because the developers have now been shut down.


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