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Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500: small but strong

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500

Compact and stylish mini PC Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 can playback 720p video, said Engadget. It uses Intel graphis and not nVidia Ion. So, the HD playback needs strong processor – no less than a 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo T9600. Additionally the Q1500 can be equiped with Blu-ray drive.

The price of the Q1500 is not so cheap as nVidia Ion-based nettops – €700. But it looks nice, compact and has enough horsepowers for HD video. Comparing with Mac Mini I don’t like only one thing in the Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 – USB ports, power button and stickers on the front panel. In my mind the clear panel looks more attractive.

Wingardium Leviosa!

Kymera Magic Wand Universal TV Remote

The Kymera Magic Wand Universal TV Remote is the most exited remote control which I saw. It looks like the Magic Wand and can control any A/V device in your home. It has built-in accelerometer, like a Nintendo Wii remote, that recognizes a flick to the left and right to skip tracks, up and down for channel surfing and a circular motion to increase or decrease volume. Not sure about its usability but to impress your family and friends the Kymera Magic Wand Universal TV Remote does never better.

The price of the “magic” remote control is £49.95.

[via Unplggd]

Sony released networked Blu-ray player

Sony BDP-N460 Network Blu-ray Player

After LG and Samsung Sony announced its networked Blu-ray player. The BDP-N460 offers a practically standard set of online features – Netflix, YouTube,, Crackle, and Slacker Radio as well as its own BRAVIA Internet Video platform. The player sports Ethernet and USB port. It’d be possible to use WET610N Dual Band Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge adapter to connect the BDP-N460 to the local network. There is no information about possibility to play DivX or MKV files from USB storage or network shares.

Sure, the BDP-N460 provides functionality of high-end Blu-ray players such supporting BD-LIVE content, upscaling SD video to HD and outputting 1080p video with 7.1 Dolby Digital and DTS-HD audio via HDMI.

The BDP-N460 will be available this October at $249.99.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Samsung’s Blu-ray players supports Youtube and MKV

Samsung Blu-ray Players

Recently Samsung released new firmware for its networked Blu-ray players. The most interesting features are support online video services Youtube and Blockbuster as well as MKV files playback. It seems that company understands the situation with media when everything goes in Internet. In my opinion replacement DVD/Blu-ray disks by their online analogs is a just a matter of time. Short time I hope.

C-Bus goes to wireless

C-Bus RF Wireless dimmer

C-Bus users now have a possibility to build wireless network as well as a wired. It might be needed when existing system is expanded and you don’t want to put additional cables. Currently only wireless switches, dimmers, scene controls and remote controls are available. Unfortunately there are no any security sensors or thermostats yet.

The switches, dimmers and scene controls are available in two styles – Neo and Saturn. Switches and dimmers can have two or four buttons. Scene controls – only four. To integrate wireless devices into wired system the C-Bus RF Gateway should be used. It provides a C-Bus protocol communication bridge between a single C-Bus RF wireless system and a single C-Bus wired network.

Wireless C-Bus devices look nice but there are two big disadvantages which limit their usage. The first one is small choice of available devices. And the second one is a range of transmitting of the commands. If I’m not wrong a wireless C-Bus device cannot re-transmit command sent from the controller via gateway. So, to improve a signal coverage additional gateway should be added. Comparing with Z-Wave or ZigBee where each device in the network can re-transmit sent commands.

But in any case, for existing C-Bus users the wireless devices can help extend their network without breaking walls.

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