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The first real photos of Squeezebox Touch

Squeezebox Touch

The first real photos of the new generation of Logitech’s Squeesebox Touch appeared on Picasa. The device looks pretty cool. I’d like remind you that Squeesebox Touch has a 4.3-inch 24-bit color LCD with capacitive touch, 802.11b/g WiFI, Ethernet, supports USB drive and SD card and offers a full bunch of analog and digital audio interfaces. Logitech is planning to sell it at about €330.

[via Engadget]

Popcorn Hour C-200 is available for order

popcorn hour c200

Popcorn Hour C-200 is available for order on its producer site at the price $299.00. The new model sports stronger processor, optional Blu-ray capability, gygabit Ethernet and RF remote control. There is a IR kit to use some IR-based universal remote control if you don’t satisfy RF one. The C-200 now lacks for TV tuner to replace all AV devices near TV.

A geek DIY home theater

A DIYer's Geek Theater

One guy spent seven years and around $90000 to build his dream home theater. He did everything by himself – design, installation of equipment and furniture. He just did consult with Roy Johnson from Green Mountain Audio and used some books such “Master Handbook for Acoustics”.

The result looks pretty much. Even for professional installation. Only two things I don’t like – no covered wires and speakers without proper stand. But I suppose that those small issues will be fixed in the future.

The list of equipment and furniture can be found below.
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Using external HDD as NAS with Pogoplug

Pogoplug USB HDD to NAS adaptor

If you have external USB hard drive and would like to access it without PC the Pogoplug is probably what do you need. This stylish adaptor turns any USB storage device into NAS. Additionally to sharing files it provides UPnP service to stream media content by home network. The Pogoplug can be easily configured via web interface. For Linux geeks it provides SSH access and a few open source components. The functionality of the Pogoplug can be expanded by uploading a new firmware. So, later some new features might be added there.

The Pogoplug is available just for $99 which is near to cost some one bay NAS without HDD. But using USB hub you can connect to the Pogoplug more then one device.

You can watch demo video about configuration Pogoplug after jump.
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The new Rev3 app for Boxee

Rev3 app for Boxee

Updated Rev3 app for Boxee was announced yesterday. It got a new menu system, more graphics, and the latest Rev3 shows like HD Nation. Sure, with updated Rev3 app you can watch the Diggnation as well and more comfortable.

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