Boxee released a new version


A new version of social media center software Boxee was released recently. The main target of that release was bug fixing on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Apple TV to make Boxee more stable. However a few new features was added there:

  • Geo-based filtering of Apps should help users see only whose applications which available in their region. Sure there is a way to display all Apps. Just got to Settings > Appearance > View ooptions and disable the filtering.
  • Adult content filter for Apps and RSS feeds will be very useful for all parents who have children under age 16.
  • List of unresolved videos now can be viewed in the media browser. It includes video files found on the PC or networked shares but their type is not recognized automatically. It’ll help sort out your media collection.

Also the web site was changed a bit.. After login users should see a new dashboard and will able to find friends.

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