Control home or office with EKON system

EKON system

Chinese company EKON produced its own automation system to control home or office. It uses proprietary Power Line protocol (not X10 as I understand) to send data between controller and execution units. The EKON controllers are embeded into touchscreen control panels. The consumer can choose between wall-mounted, table-mounted and wireless ones.

Together with managing of electrical stuff in your home of office EKON system allows to make security and CCTV using Alarm&CCTV Controller add-on. Using the touch panels consumer can see the alarm signals and watch video from the security cams.

The EKON system is a ready-made software and hardware solution. From one hand it’s good because the system contains only tested and working parts. But the its big disadvantage is proprietary technology and devices. It’s impossible to use switches or dimmers produced by other manufacturers. Another aspect which can be very important is integration EKON with other systems to have, for example, multi-room control. Have no idea how easy or hard to do that. In any case it’s good to have alternatives. Especially in the area of DIY home control systems.

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    1. Merakosing, 29. July 2009, 19:47


      I visited them today, and I can say that I’m hard to impress on, but this system is outstanding. It’s for the PLC BUS system.

      The manager is from England, doesn’t even speak chinese, (just knowledge for fun)

      In a soon future I will start to import this product to sweden,

  • Steve Maitland, 1. October 2009, 20:44

    Great article worth the read

  • Jorge tomply, 1. March 2010, 18:10

    Ekon system has all in one. good price, very nice design and controlling the system is very frindly.
    The only system I can use in French.
    The Ekon honer is very nice and helpfull.

    yes the after sale is very good, you never fill alone.

    I am using this system for over 3 years.


  • Johan yotel, 1. March 2010, 21:03


    I have visited Ekon company in Shanghai and i am using this system for over 5 years.

    Ekon system is the best i have used until now. Very easy to use and instole.

    The company give very good after sale service.

    I am recomending wormly.


  • Rajan, 12. September 2011, 18:02

    where in the Uk are you? does this system work well?

  • Sebarstian Lu, 23. March 2010, 18:38


    i am using Ekon system for almost 2 years and i am very happy with it.
    very nice GUI and very simple.
    if we have any problem they are very helpfull.

    Sebastian Lu

  • luc, 9. August 2010, 0:09

    Do you know, if I can buy this EKON sytem in an online store?


  • Michael, 25. August 2010, 21:28


    You can buy Ekon on Alibaba Aliexpress or can contuct them they will sell you one system.

    I am using their system for a very long time and very happy with them.

    The service, technical support and products are great!

    My instullation team are very happy as it is very easy to instulle and program.

    thank you,

    Michael Lory


  • lucass, 25. August 2010, 22:05


    This company is great!

    EKON SMART HOME is one of the best system



  • Sven, 2. November 2010, 4:04

    What about switches and wall boxes? Will it fit in standard boxes or do they sell it as well? What about cctv and alarm?

  • Nir Azencot, 5. November 2010, 0:59

    Ekon has 3 solutions for Switches:
    •Micro module – those module are install beyond the standard well switches, about your Q/A if there is enough space, it is depend on the number of switches, kind of switches, the load of wiring & country standard boxes, base on my experience in most cases there is not problem however in load location you will need to drill 1-2 CM in the back of the box.
    •External switches – those switches are replacing for the original standard well switches (round 55 mm)
    •DIN module – those modules are ready to be installed in electrical cabinet by using the standard DIN rail.

    continue in the next replie…

  • niraze, 5. November 2010, 1:06

    Regarding your Q about CCTV, the answer is positive, the system can almost any CCTV system by using TCPIP/ Ethernet, this mean that if your DVR support IE browser you will be able to see and even control the CCTV system from Ekon system. Please note, the CCTV capability has been add only recently, ~ 4-5 months.

  • niraze, 5. November 2010, 1:06

    Yes, Ekon system can control Alarm system by 4 different ways:
    •The easy way is to arm/disarm most alarm systems by using Micro module with “dry connect”/
    •Connecting RS232 cable between systems, this mode is a little bit more expert, however the system support most known alarm protocols standard.
    •By using X10 connector, there is many brand alarm system supporting X10 connector, this mean you will need to add additional module name E10-4809, that will convert Ekon protocol to X10 standard.
    •Ekon has also they property Alarm system, this mean you will be able to buy from them Alarm system also …
    The integration of Ekon system with Alarm system will give you the ability to arm/ Disarm/ Night modes/ from Ekon smart home solution.

    My name is Nir Azencot from Smartly company
    Since I am an official Ekon distributer, feel free to ask me any question…

  • Ali, 17. May 2011, 12:09

    Please let me know if have used Zigbee wireless modules.

    Can we integrate them, what are the prices of zigbee modules.

  • interested Iro, 31. December 2010, 1:06

    does the ekon system work with regular x10 devices and other standard buss types?

  • nite_man, 31. December 2010, 10:43

    Looks like it uses its own proprietary protocol and not standard one.

  • Nir Azencot, 1. January 2011, 23:37

    No, Ekon system support PLCBUS or ZWAVE only.

  • nite_man, 1. January 2011, 23:50

    According to manual of EKON controller manual:

    Control Communication: EKON PLC or\and Z-Wave Mesh RF network or\and EKON RS485 Bus

    So, Z-Wave is supported and this is very very good. But PLCBUS not.

  • Nir Azencot, 2. January 2011, 1:20

    HI nite_man.
    I am not sure from where are you taking this info, maybe you can give as a link for this manuel?
    Please note that I am an official Ekon distributor at Israel, you can be defenetly sure that EKON system support PLCBUS, Zwave, RS232 & RS485.


  • nite_man, 2. January 2011, 13:58

    Hi Nir, you can see that manual here. Thanks for confirmation protocols supported by Ekon.

  • Nir Azencot, 3. January 2011, 0:28

    Thanks for link,
    I am affrid it is an old spec, today the 15" Master controler is running with N270 & 1G ram…
    this changes has been made in effort to support CCTV view & control.
    in case you wish to "play" with running system, let me know and I will send user & assword 🙂


  • nite_man, 5. January 2011, 12:36

    Thank you, Nir. It'd be great to try a real system. You can send me credentials to my email –

  • Ali, 21. May 2011, 10:51

    plz send my the link and password.

  • wa123, 4. May 2011, 8:28

    Wireless house alarms using home automation technology is the current trend in the home security industry. These wireless devices are easier to setup and this is probably why a lot of homeowners prefer them.

  • wsnow, 11. May 2011, 5:28

    Leading companies such as ADT launched a new product called Pulse that integrates home automation with home alarm systems. This is a new and innovative way to monitor your household.

  • houston locksmith, 12. May 2011, 8:40

    Home automation technology has been integrated to security systems. Lock and key mechanisms must be sturdy enough to be effective burglar deterrents. With innovative automated security measures, you can ensure the safety of your family members.

  • Ali, 21. May 2011, 10:50

    > Thanks for link,
    > I am affrid it is an old spec, today the 15" Master controler is running with N270 & 1G ram…
    > this changes has been made in effort to support CCTV view & control.
    > in case you wish to "play" with running system, let me know and I will send user & assword 🙂

    please send me the link and user: password: also
    I want to see the features?

  • Nir, 26. May 2011, 0:09

    HI, Ali.
    I am no longer selling Ekon system, I moved to diffrent brand (Still base on PLCBUS)/


  • Rajan, 12. September 2011, 17:36

    which is the other brand you have moved over to? why did you change? is the new one better? any information on these systems would be very much appreciated.

  • Nir, 15. September 2011, 22:21


    Today I am using large mixture of software running on UMPC hardware
    Homevisu, Homeseer, Ruvitec, Homeplanner, mControl, Mrhouse,…

    Regarding Ekon, it is complicate, I did not get the expected support.
    You are welcome to contact me by email for more information


  • Mohammed Tafazzal, 24. December 2011, 8:28

    how to operate ekon home solution remotely. please help.

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