Xtreamer: another good networked media tank


Lately we can observe a boom of networked media tanks – devices which allow to playback movies, music or show pictures from the different types of storage. It isn’t surprised. More and more media content is available on the hard drives or online. So, Xtreamer joins to the big family of such devices. It understand all imaginable media formats and containers, contains the latest codecs, allows playback media files from the internal 2.5″ HDD, NAS or network shares, supports YouTube, Picasa, Yahoo Video, CNN, NBC Today, CBS Face the Nation. That list will be expanded soon. To get it the consumer will have to upgrade the device’s firmware.

The player can be connected to the LAN via Ehternet port or external USB 802.11. It’s already available at the price €99! The worldwide shipping is €20. The same amount should be paid to get USB WiFi adaptor.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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    1. mediavantage, 19. July 2009, 11:02

      How about this?! Apparently, it is being reported that a person by the name of Mark Appel, who has been importing Xtreamer in Benelux region in EU, has gotten into a major legal issues with the Benelux customs authorities. Sources say they (Mark & company) tried to use fraudulent invoices for clearing customs. Initially 300pcs were being imported and now they are all stuck at Customs and everybody who paid money to receive Xtreamer is screaming and yelling. Looks like the product may die before it sees the sun !! Very unfortunate. 🙁

  • Michael Stepanov, 19. July 2009, 12:29

    I don’t think that this issue will prevent expansion of Xtreamer. Because it’s a not a matter of device. Hope that case won’t affect good product.

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