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Netflix came to the Windows MCE

Netflix on Windows Media Center

Windows MCE users have a possibility to access to more than 12,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly on their HTPC. After installing a new plug-in powered by Silverlight technology the Netflix link will appear under “TV + Movies”. Sure to use it you should subscribe be Netflix subscriber. Also the Netflix integration is not available on MCE extenders.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Boxee added Songza

songza on boxee

A new online service – Songza was added recently to Boxee. It allows to search, listen and share any song you like. The implementation of Songza in the Boxee is done by using new API. So, it’s a good example of Boxee application for its Dev contest.

To install Songza go to App Box -> New Applications and choosing Songza. After that the application should appear in the Music -> Internet. You can get more info about Songza application for Boxee here.

Using iPhone as AMX control panel


Russian company Iridium Mobile offers a way to use iPhone or iPod Touch as AMX control panel. The controller recognizes iPhone with Iridium client as normal AMX control panel offering all its functions. As result the consumer can get information and manage all devices in the system from any place in the world where exists one of the following communication services – EDGE, GPRS, 3G or WiFi.

Design of GUI for AMX iPhone client is done in the TP Designer. And them it’s just converted into iPhone code. So, the engineers shouldn’t study iPhone API to modify or create a new GUI skin. Except AMX iPhone client the company is going add integration with Beckhoff, EIB, CBus and Legos controllers. Moreover, theoretically Iridium supports any TCP/UDP based controller. Additionally, Iridium Mobile offers AMX client for Windows Mobile smartphones and for PC/UMPC/netbook/notebook run Windows XP.

The recommended prices for Iridium AMX client are following: €1000 for iPhone, €800 for Windows Mobile and €500 for WinXP.

Add monitor to some OpenWRT router


Here is a hack with allows to add a display to your Linux-based router or NAS equiped with USB port. That display It can be DisplayLink device (Samsung U70, for example) or 4D Systems OLED Display Graphics Module. You may watch log of your NAS or control applications which run on your WiFi router or server without separate PC or notebook.

[via Engadget]

Android is coming to STB

Android STB

Popular open platform Android created by Google is expanded to set-top-boxes. ISB Corp demonstrated the first concept equiped with wireless keyboard and Bluetooth module at the 12th Embedded Systems Expo in Tokyo. It doesn’t support HDTV yet but the producer is working to implement it.

As I know currently there is no unified software and hardware for STB. Each producer offers its own proprietary solution. Hopefully using Android to build STB will turn that situation for the better.

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