Nettop Fit-PC 2: small but power

Fit-PC 2 nettop

It’s hard to believe that the compact nettop Fit-PC 2 has enough horsepower to playback Full HD video with resolution 1920 x 1080! It’s based on Intel Atom (Z530 or Z510) processor and equiped with 1GB RAM, your choice of 2.5″ HDD, built-in WiFi adapter, six USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI out. As OS WinXP or Ubuntu can be used. The price of Fit-PC 2 is between $245 and $400 depending on the configuration.

As I see the Fit-PC 2 is good choice for media extender of MythTV, XBMC, Boxee or VDR. Also it can be used as LinuxMCE media director. But be sure that it supports netboot via PXE.

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    1. Fit PC, 15. November 2010, 13:50

      In this busy modern life, some people sometimes forget to turn off their PC at the end of the day. It is certain that it will waste a lot of electricity as well as money to pay for the electricity bill. FitPC is a tiny, power efficient x86 computer that has unlimited practical uses.


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