19-inch all-in-one Atom based nettop

Korean producer DignLab announced Atom based all-in-one nettop AIO A1. It has 19” LCD touchscreen display with resolution 1280×1024 and response time in 5ms, the Mini-ITX motherboard, unspecified Atom CPU and 3.5-inch hard-drive and run Windows XP. Additionally it ’s equiped with integrated 5W stereo speakers, two USB 2.0 ports, audio in/out and a custom 170W power supply. The DignLab AIO A1 is priced at the equivalent of $300 in Korea.

That device is amazing. A couple years ago I made a search of Windows touch panel for Plutohome Orbiter. The best variant was 12″ TableKiosk Sahara priced by $1700. The AIO A1 looks very attractive to use it as LinuxMCE Orbiter or control panel for some other home automation system. Hope DignLab will sell its device worldwide. So, home automation professionals and enthusiasts will have a chance to get a big touchscreen control panel for their systems.

[via SlashGear].

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