Networked DVD player

Syabas Networked DVD player

Networked media players like Popcorn Hour or ZyXEL DMA-2500 are good get media content from HDD, NAS or PCs. But they lack for possibility to play CD/DVD or Blu-ray disks. Sure it isn’t so necessary now (I played DVD a few monthes last time) but it can be important for owners of huge collection of DVDs, for example. The company Syabas, producer of Popcorn Hour, filled that gap. Its networked DVD player offers the same functionality as networked media tank except torrent client (it doesn’t have internal HDD). Additionally you may play CD, DVD and even HDNet discs (HD Disc with HTML navigation). The player sports Composite/S-Video, Component Video (Progressive and Interlace) / D4, HDMI video and SPDIF, Coaxial and Analog Stereo audio outputs, 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, WiFi 802.11a/b/g adaptor, USB port.

No any information about the player’s price and shops where it can be bought.

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