GSM remote control switch GSM-AUTO

To control your heating, cooling or irrigation system by calling or sending SMS from your mobile the The GSM-AUTO can be used. It sports GSM SIM card slot and two 30 amp relays. Those relays can be programmed to switch on for a pre-determined length of time whenever the GSM-AUTO is called. Alternatively, they can be permanently switched on or off by sending the GSM-AUTO a sms text message. The GSM-AUTO recognizes an authorised telephone number calling it and rejects the call without answering. At the same time it sends ON/OFF command to the replays.

The GSM-AUTO remote control switch is tagged by $199.00 including free worldwide shipping and T- Mobile pre-pay SIM card (you can use your own if you want). See demo video after jump.

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    1. Quantek, 25. May 2010, 12:08

      Another – The TELCON 500 is a GSM remote control switch, it connects to the mobile phone network and like a mobile phone it has its own telephone number. The TELCON 500 is activated by calling its phone number, it will recognise an authorised telephone number calling it, reject the call without answering and switch on or off the device connected to it, because it rejects the call without answering there are no call costs incurred.


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