DVB-S2 HD 2104 USB Box

DVBWorld HD Box

Mini PCs such ASUS Eee Desktop or Acer Aspire are good to use them as HTPC. They are compact, quiet and good looking. But they have a big disadvantage. It isn’t possible to install DVB-S card there to watch satellite TV. DVBWorld HD Box can solve that problem. Connected via USB port it supports DVB-S and modern DVB-S2. So, you’ll able to watch HD satellite channels. Additionally the box includes a PVR software which allows to schedule recording, record and play recorded TV shows as well as broadcast MPEG video to home network.

DVBWorld HD Box has drivers for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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    1. M Ritchie, 15. September 2009, 1:23

      Do you have one ? Where did you buy it from? I’m searching for somewhere near the UK that has them.


  • Michael Stepanov, 15. September 2009, 11:42

    You can try SATELCO EasyWatch HDTV USB CI, TeVii S650 DVB-S2 or TeVii S660 DVB-S2 from DVBShop.

  • Ambrogio, 19. March 2010, 11:14

    How can I receive high speed internet using this box ?
    I have an ISP and use it via ADSL telephone line now.

  • Michael Stepanov, 20. March 2010, 22:42

    Hi Ambrogio, unfortunately I cannot help you because I never used satellite internet.

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