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Clipsal opens C-Bus protocol


Clipsal made a good step towards integrators and developers decided to open C-Bus protocol. The initial set of protocol documents will be published and made available during one or two weeks. These documents include: a guide for developers to use the C-Bus Serial Interface device – a description of the different ways to interface a device to C-Bus – over 15 detailed serial protocol descriptions covering the following C-Bus applications: lighting, switching, security, climate control, telephony etc. Later on the rest documents (such Multi-Room Audio Control) will be published as well. Additionally equipment and product developers will have possibility to get 5000SM/2 – a small matchbox sized module that can be easily added to equipment to build in a C-Bus Interface.

Opening C-Bus serial protocol is a great news! Now support of Clipsal devices can be added into many systems including LinuxMCE (hope it’ll be soon). Currently LinuxMCE supports X10, Z-Wave, INSTEON, PLCBus, EnOcean and KNX/EIB. C-Bus will bring another way to automate your home with open source software.

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Using iPhone as smart remote control

Zigzix Zemote

Using application Zemote ($3.99) developed by Zigzix you can easily turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into smart remote control for your HTPC. The Zemote communicates with HTPC via WiFi and needs additionally Zemote Receiver which should be installed on the media center side. Currently Windows XP or Vista version is available only. The OS X Zemote Receiver is coming soon. It’s sad that there is no any word about Linux version on the application web site.

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