Clipsal opens C-Bus protocol


Clipsal made a good step towards integrators and developers decided to open C-Bus protocol. The initial set of protocol documents will be published and made available during one or two weeks. These documents include: a guide for developers to use the C-Bus Serial Interface device – a description of the different ways to interface a device to C-Bus – over 15 detailed serial protocol descriptions covering the following C-Bus applications: lighting, switching, security, climate control, telephony etc. Later on the rest documents (such Multi-Room Audio Control) will be published as well. Additionally equipment and product developers will have possibility to get 5000SM/2 – a small matchbox sized module that can be easily added to equipment to build in a C-Bus Interface.

Opening C-Bus serial protocol is a great news! Now support of Clipsal devices can be added into many systems including LinuxMCE (hope it’ll be soon). Currently LinuxMCE supports X10, Z-Wave, INSTEON, PLCBus, EnOcean and KNX/EIB. C-Bus will bring another way to automate your home with open source software.

[via AutomatedHome]

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