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VDR developer version 1.7.6


Last weekend was rich on releases of open source products. After new versions of Boxee and LinuxMCE 0810 Klaus Schmidinger announced VDR developer version 1.7.6. The changes since 1.7.5 are following:

* cDevice::PlayTs() now syncs on the TS packet sync bytes.
* Made MAXFRAMESIZE a multiple of TS_SIZE to avoid breaking up TS packets.
* No longer resetting the patPmtParser in cDevice::PlayTs(), because this caused the selected audio and subtitle tracks to fall back to the default.
* The SVDRP command PUTE now supports reading the EPG data from a given file (thanks to Helmut Auer).
* Added cThread::SetIOPriority() and using it in cRemoveDeletedRecordingsThread (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
* Fixed the MEGABYTE() macro to make it correctly handle parameters resulting in values larger than 2GB.
* Added cDevice::NumProvidedSystems() to PLUGINS.html (was missing since it had been implemented).
* Fixed distortions when switching to the next file during replay.
* Fixed detecting the frame rate for streams with PTS distances of 1800, which apparently split one frame over two payload units.
* Added missing ‘const’ to cRecording::FramesPerSecond() (thanks to Joachim Wilke).
* Any TS packets in the first “frame” after a cut in an edited recording that don’t belong to a payload unit that started in that frame now get their TEI flag set, so that a decoder will ignore them together with any PES data collected for that PID so far (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting chirping sound disturbances at editing points in TS recordings).
* cDvbPlayer::Empty() subtracts 1 from readIndex, because Action() will first increment it.
* Only storing non-zero Pts values in ptsIndex.
* Added a note to the INSTALL file about using subdirectories to split a large disk into separate areas for VDR’s video data and other stuff (suggested by Udo Richter).

I’d like remind you that the main target of VDR 1.7.X is support of HDTV.

LinuxMCE 0810 alpha2


The new alpha of LinuxMCE 0810 was released yesterday. The third one. The installation procedure is not changed. You still should have the Kubuntu 8.10 installed on your PC. Then alpha2 installer will download and install LinuxMCE 0810. Just follow that simple instructions.

According to 0810 alpha wiki page a lot of bugs was fixed since alpha 1 and 2. So, if you’d like participate to LinuxMCE by fixing bugs or just submitting bugreports fell free to install Alpha3. But note that this is still alpha version and it can be unstable. So, do not use it in production systems!

New Boxee version for Linux


Last Saturday a new version of Boxee for Linux was released. That update includes following major changes:

* new XUL-based boxee browser (with Hulu support)
* Pandora and RadioTime for the best in Internet and traditional radio
* App Box, the beginnings of the boxee app store

All existing Boxee users can updated their installations using apt-get. To install Boxee from the scratch just follow that instructions.

The same time new versions of Boxee for Mac and Apple TV were released. New Windows version is expected this June only.

Acer Aspire Revo is available for pre-order!

Acer Aspire Revo

The new Acer Aspire Revo based on nVidia Ion is available for pre-order on the The price is very reasonable. The cheapest model with 8Gb SSD is just €233.99! It can be the best choice for LinuxMCE media director or XBMC/Boxee/VDR/MythTV media extender. You can pay for Acer Aspire Revo now but you’ll get it after 18/05/2009 only. Note that makes delivery for all EU countries.

On-line satellites.xml generator


There is an useful on-line service for all who use Dreambox to watch satellite TV – satellites.xml generator. It provides a way to create a file with transponders for specified range of satellites, region or chosen satellites. The database of that service is updated daily. So you’ll have a fresh transponders on your Dreambox!

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