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Boxee in action

Boxee – popular social media center software, was demonstrated by Dave Mathews on the DL.TV. He described main features and advantages of the Boxee as well as gave a few recommendations how to “roll your own” Boxee system. According to them the best option for the Boxee box is AppleTV. I wasn’t surprised. I also like AppleTV very much. It’s compact, stylish, quiet, not so expensive and has enough power horse to playback Full HD video. Maybe nVidia Ion can be a good competitor when it’ll be released in production.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Ideal media client in action


The latest ASUS Eee 206 with HDMI output can be viewed in action in Hannover. In my opinion it’s the best option for the LinuxMCE media director or media client for the Boxee, XBMC or some other multiroom media system. More photos can be found here.

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