Save energy with Google PowerMeter

Google PowerMeter

Google announced its new web service – PowerMeter. AS you may understand from its name the main goal of that service is to provide a way for consumers reduce their electricity bill amount and carbon footprint by making smart decisions about energy use.

The idea is not so new. There is a bunch of energy meters on the market. But the biggest advantage of PowerMeter is an integration between device and web service which allow to analyse data, store statics and represent results in the easy understandable format like charts or graphs. Additionally the energy consumption data can be shared with relatives, friends or neighbours.

Currently the Google PowerMeter is a closed beta program. As I understand the main problem to make it public is the energy meter. Not sure which one is used by Google. Probably it makes a deal with GE. But when the device will be in production the PowerMeter will be open.

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    1. Dave, 11. February 2009, 12:06

      I don’t really understand this announcement from Google. How long will it take to have a useful amount of the houses in the USA fitted with smart power meters? and consider the cost of doing that. Surely that cost will by far outweigh any actual savings made by people being able to monitor their power use and make changes based on that knowledge.
      I smell sunshine being blown somewhere myself.

  • Sergey, 12. February 2009, 0:49

    Sounds cool, but all depends on how much the equipment will cost. It got to be real cheap for energy savings to outweight the investments.

    Looking forward to the release. You know, electricity bills is an issue for me.

  • Nikola, 7. March 2009, 17:52

    Hm…it’s great idea to monitor power consuption, but, I think the main problem is to get people to use these services and to save energy… In my country it will be in use in about 50 years….

  • russ, 6. April 2009, 23:25

    Real neat! You see a spike then run around unplugging everything to try to see what it is. I guess people could have google meter parties and run around showing off their charts – then figure out which are the phony ones! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

    No interest in the Google thing on my part but I am interested in installing an extensive system in my home as soon as funds are available.

  • powermeter morgane, 28. July 2009, 8:50

    This anouncement sound really interesting to me, but how it’s going to work and how much will it cost? powermeter can definitly help people to reduce the emision of carbon.

  • Michael Stepanov, 28. July 2009, 10:56

    Possible it’ll be something similar to Cent-A-Meter from your site or Kill-a-watt with network connection. Regarding the cost. I guess you’ll pay for device only. The service itself will be free.

  • jon, 11. November 2009, 1:16

    There is a device available that does the same thing that these guys (google and TED) do. It’s called Energy Owl EMS, is exclusively pc based, and is way cheaper than T.E.D ($119.99). Works on digital meters only though. –

  • Michael Stepanov, 13. November 2009, 10:52

    Jon, the Energy Owl E.M.S. looks nice. But there is a lot of such devices. Advantages of TED are following:
    – using standard protocol ZigBee;
    – clear architecture: split by three parts – meter, hub and display;
    – integration with Google PowerMeter.
    That’s why I’d like to get TED 🙂

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