Ultra widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV from Philips

Philips widescreen TV

Philips introduced its widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD TV. That the first cinema-proportioned 56″ TV incorporates Ambilight technology. Since there is a lot of movies with 16:9 ratio it’d be interesting to know how Cinema 21:9 will handle them. According to producer it shouldn’t be a problem. It will accurately match “on-screen content to extend the picture beyond the confines of the screen”.

Philips promised to start selling Cinema 21:9 in Europe that Spring. The price and detailed spec are not available at that moment.

[via Engadget]

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    1. Sergey Kuleshov, 21. January 2009, 14:26

      > According to producer it should be a problem.

      typo by Freud? 🙂

  • Michael Stepanov, 21. January 2009, 19:36

    Hope it was just misspelling 😉

  • Mike, 14. December 2009, 20:27

    Wow, that is actually stunning. I know it’s from earlier this year, but that looks seriously good! I have been in the market for a much smaller Philips TV, but my god I hope I can afford something like this one day.

  • Lester Melzer, 4. June 2011, 13:11

    This was a great TV. It has now been superceeded by an even better 58 inch version which 3D

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