PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote

PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote

There is a very interesting concept of remote control for the Sony PS3 in the The PS3 3in1 Wireless keyboard controller remote contains not only buttons typical for ordinary remotes. It has slide keyboard. So, when you need to type something it’ll be much easier then using separate real or virtual keyboard. That remote is just $28.52 which is even less then costs of ordinary remote control.

I’d like to have such device near my HTPC. It’s very useful to have keyboard when you need it and do not use separate one. Even extremely compact.

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    1. Andre, 5. July 2009, 2:41

      Does this use IR or bluetooth. I would be interested in using this for my Linux based system.

  • Michael Stepanov, 5. July 2009, 19:35

    I guess it uses radio frequency.

  • Josef Riske, 28. September 2010, 22:42

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