AlertMe v2.0 offers energy monitoring and CCTV


AlertMe – ZigBee based home security system is gonna offer a new functionality in its next release. I already wrote about AlertMe SmartPlugs which will help to consumer to measure the energy consumption. Additionally the new AlertMe version will have PanicPanic button – press the button of your doorbell and SMS will send to your friend, Action chooser – it’ll be possible even switch off/on lighting by some event (set system in Night mode, for example), Tracking – will allow you to set up actions for any sensor triggers and the most important feature in my mind is CCTV, which will allow to monitor your home.

The AlertMe v2.0 is expected to be released at the beginning of next year. Till it isn’t available yet have a look its demo.

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      It's good to hear that you have a new product to be release.Where excited to try your new offer and experience the advantages it brings.


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