X10 Freeze Sensor

X10 Freeze Sensor

If you already automate everything in your home then X10 Freeze Sensor might be interesting for you to expand a little bit your system. It’s installed inside your freezer using X10 Powerflash interface and allows to monitor the temperature. So, with X10 Freeze Sensor you’ll able to know about some problems with the freezer before its contents will die.

The X10 Freeze Sensor is available on the Smarthome site at $49.99.

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    1. Joe Sixpack, 21. November 2008, 21:38

      I hate to ask, but what do you store in you freezer that isn’t already dead ;-)?

  • Michael Stepanov, 22. November 2008, 16:59

    Good question 🙂 I have to check 😉

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