Build XBMC/Boxee under Fedora 9


I left the LinuxMCE core/hybrid and didn’t assemble the new one yet. So, I use my laptop or old desktop to watch movies. With desktop is everything fine. It run Kubuntu 0804 and I installed there Boxee – nice looking, social media center software. But there is Fedora 9 on my laptop and Boxee doesn’t offer binaries for it. There is an only one way to install Boxee from the source.

I found nice tutorial which explains how to install XBMC on Fedora 9. Since Boxee is based on XBMC I tried to use it to build Boxee. But without luck. By some reason the xbmc.bin wasn’t created.

Then I tried to build XBMC using recommendations from that tutorial. Finally I did it. XBMC is run under Fedora 9 without any problems. Will try to build Boxee again as well. Maybe the second time will be successful.

UPDATE: Finally I built Boxee under Fedora 10 (for 9 should be the same). The trick is that. Instead of running make install after make finishes the script should be run. I didn’t adjust it for Fedora 10 and it gave me a lot of warnings. But as result I was able run Boxee successfully.

UPDATE2: There is a problem with Boxee under Fedora 10. Instead of playback I see the fast-forward. Also Boxee crashes with Segmentation Fault very often. Will try to build with the fresh sources tonight.

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    1. Valent Turkovic, 30. November 2008, 15:26

      Did you succeed in building boxee?

  • Michael Stepanov, 3. December 2008, 19:59

    Unfortunately no. The make doesn’t give any errors but xbmc is not created. I have no idea why.

    I successfully built XBMC and it worked fine under Fedora 8 till it was upgraded to 10. By some reason, playback of DivX looks like fast-forward.

  • Michael Stepanov, 5. December 2008, 15:28

    Check updated post. I’ve added additional information which can help you to build Boxee under Fedora.

  • wonslung, 24. March 2009, 23:42

    in ubuntu 8.10 the fast foward was related to pulseaudio
    try removing pulse

  • Michael Stepanov, 31. March 2009, 18:12

    Thanks for your suggestion, wonslung. Will try it.

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