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A few days after Ubunru 8.10 was released the Mythbunru 8.10 came out. The main features of that release are following:

  • Mythbuntu-log-grabber – This app grabs specific log files into a single area and can upload them to pastebin for easy troubleshooting
  • Auto Partitioner now creates a XFS filesystem for recordings
  • Mousepad, a GUI editor is now installed by default (similar to gedit)
  • Wubi now supports Mythbuntu
  • Apple trailer plugin is now packaged and available
  • Website now has link to Mythbuntu in the news
  • New Mythbuntu-testing PPA at (contains some packages for gutsy, hardy, and intrepid)

The full release note for the Mythbuntu 8.10 is available here, download instructions here, bugs can be reported here.

Personally I don’t use MythTV (my favourite PVR software is VDR). But I see that it’ll have at least two competitors in the nearest future: XBMC and Boxee. Both look very attractive. The only one important missed feature is PVR. But it’s gonna be implemented soon.

[via MythTV News]

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