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Sonos Controller for iPhone

Sonos iPhone

Sonos, a producer of will-known multi-room wireless music system, just announced its controller for iPhone/iPod Touch. That controller offers a full control over the system. So, you can avoid buying of expensive Sonos Controller CR100 or use iPhone as additional controller.

The Sonos Controller for iPhone can be downloaded from the iTune store without any charges.

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Netflix and Samsung’s bring Blu-ray players to on-line

Netflix Samsung BD

According to information from Samsung web site Samsung and Netflix made an agreements to offer consumers watch internet movies and TV using a pair of Samsung Blu-ray players – BD-P2500 and BD-P2550. That’s cool feature by the way. You can use one device to playback DVD/Blu-ray disk and as a Netflix set-top-box to watch movies and TV shows over Internet.

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Choosing right DVB card to watch satellite TV


Started thinking about DVB-S(2) card for the new LinuxMCE hybrid core. After visit to the DVBShop I found two variants which seem suit for me – Technotrend Budget S2-3200 HDTV-S2 and S-1500. The last one is 100% working solution for Linux and LinuxMCE with VDR 1.6.0. But DVB-S becomes the history and now DVB-S2 seems more perspective. Especially for the coming HDTV. So, S2-3200 in that case will be better solution then S-1500. But from other point of view it’ll need more work to bring it up under VDR 1.6.0 and Kubuntu 7.10.

Well, currently I rate both cards by 50%. But the S2-3200 is tipping the scale little by little. I think that it’s more perspective solution. And it’d be good to experiment with it a bit 🙂

Building a new LinuxMCE hybrid core


I decided to build a new LinuxMCE hybrid core for my home installation. I spent a lot of time to find a right hardware for it. The most difficult thing was a case. It isn’t so easy to find something nice looking, not so big, with reasonable price and possibility to ship on Cyprus.

Finally I found Nmedia HTPC 500 BA for €149.95. I like its design, size, price. Everything. But I couldn’t see any information about shipping to Cyprus (bad luck). The rest parts are following:
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AlertMe released iPhone/iPod Touch interface


Recently I blogged about adding Energy Saving Range line into AlertMe products to control power consumption of specific home appliance or hole house. But AlertMe team doesn’t stand still. It announced an interface for iPhone/iPod Touch. It allows to view and change the status of an alarm, see who’s at home, look at event history and view the temperate sensor values around house. Also AlertMe is planning to support other smartphones.

Moreover, AlertMe released its API (that’s used for the iPhone interface above). So, developers can use it to provide the interface for their devices and integrate AlertMe Security and Energy Saving Range into their systems. But I couldn’t find any information about a way to get that API on the AlertMe site. Maybe it’ll be announced later.

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